After a couple of years of mild depression I am back once more and eager to regain my crown as Cyber King. I am a member of a super forum of RSA Fellows which is awesome. 

I have set up a digital literacy program to help people improve their skills by blogging.

I use WordPress and have set up http://OlderCitizens.com / OlderCitizens.org  / OlderCitizens.WordPress.comhttp://MatureCitizens.com and http://YoungerCitizens.com they are very much the same with tutorial videos.


I have set up a forum at http://Forum.OlderCitizens.org and there is more at https://oasis.sandstorm.io

Let The Games begin!

Btw: pjfbncyl stands for Philip James Finlay Bryan Now Change Your Life, it was chosen so I would be unique on the Internet. Google pjfbncyl and you will get about 2,220 results they are all me.

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