Third Age


The “third age” is described as the period in the life course that occurs after retirement but prior to the onset of disability, revealing a period in which individuals have the capacity to remain actively engaged.

When I turned 60, five years ago I was all set to make an impact on the Internet. However I lost two years due to cancer.

Google says: About 5,490 results that’s in 5 years for pjfbncyl my unique name on the Internet, i have the dot com.

Scribd has 12k reads of documents i have published and books.

YouTube 79k views of some 480 videos, the best is a music video with over 12k views.

Blogs about 4k subscribers. Loads of blogs.

Running 50 generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs)

So for an individual I have made some impact. What hasn’t changed is that apart from my partner Storm and friend Steve I haven’t got any customers. So I have really given up. If someone stumbles across my “selling” domains like Personal I will happily help them out. Might make the odd video advertising them.

I have new tech, a new very impressive high spec PC; a Windows smart phone and an Android tablet. You can read about it on Irish . This was all possible because I received my pension on reaching 65 from the UK government. The Third Age. AND I have new glasses one for seeing outside one for my computer. The computer glasses are superb everything is so clear.

I have also stopped smoking after 40 years. I use e-cigarettes. Fantastic invention. It costs €18 for the kit which includes a battery charger.  Batteries last up to 8 hours or so. I have two. I just got my webcam software fixed. Windows 8.1 didn’t like it so had to fiddle a bit. So here is a video of me extolling the virtues of “vaping”. Oh i can be so serious sometimes. LOL!

The doctor says I have high cholesterol so i have radically changed my diet to a more healthy one. No more TV dinners. Lots of pro sterols; low fat milk, nuts, oats etc..

Research has shown that exercise of 200 minutes per week can help stimulate brain growth so I joined the gym where I exercise every day ‘cept Sundays ( I work in Second Life). I also swim. Still early days but i have a good routine designed by my personal trainer.

I now work as a host in Second Life for Junkyard Blues Club Sun 2 to 6am, Mon Tue Wed Fri 6 to 8 am. You can see a number of videos on YouTube. It pays for renting my small island, food for my cats (see )

So at 65 I have radically changed my life I have always been Hi Tech and have reestablished myself with the latest technology, hard to beat my present set up. And I can see it all. I will get healthier as the toxins slowly leave my body. My brain will grow. Don’t see why I can’t look forward to another 20 years or more on this planet. It seems to be a general trend for us to live longer. One message seems to be “Use it or lose it” so I intend to use it. I will also do my best to assist others too. To this end I have set up

Oh did I tell you I’m having fun too?




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